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#70: How to craft irresistible fundraising offers that open hearts and wallets, with Steven Screen

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The offer is one of the most foundational—yet most misunderstood—tools in fundraising.

Get it wrong, and your fundraising can flop. Get it right, and watch the response rate go up.

So what is an offer anyway?

It’s the thing you’re asking donors to help make happen.

The outcome.

The ultra-specific and tangible difference their gift can make.

And that doesn’t just apply to direct response fundraising.

Major donor visits? There’s usually an offer at some point.

Events? Just a vehicle to deliver an offer.

Grants? A fancy way of presenting an offer (usually with a lot of jargon). 

So on today’s podcast, we’re talking to Steven Screen about how to craft effective fundraisings offers that open hearts and wallets. 

He’s the co-founder of Better Fundraising and has been fundraising for 25 years. In the first half of his career, he focused on direct mail, TV, and radio for national nonprofits. For the second half, he’s been bringing best practices from the larger organizations to small- to medium-sized charities. 

In our chat, you’ll learn: 

  • Why offers matter more than you might think
  • The building blocks of a great offer
  • How to overcome common objections from leadership
  • How to raise undesignated funds while still using a clear and specific offer

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