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#67: BG Live— How charity: water tests new fundraising channels like direct mail and DRTV, with Megan Toscano

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Welcome to the first ever BG Live—a live recording of the podcast on Zoom that anyone can join.

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You probably know charity: water to be an admired innovator in the fundraising world. 

They do things so wonderfully different. 

And they’ve set the gold standard for digital fundraising and online engagement. 

But in order to keep growing and reaching new audiences, the organization is testing out different mediums and channels. 

In this week’s BG Live, Megan Toscano from charity: water gets into how the organization is diversifying their media strategy to broaden reach and achieve scale in the years ahead. 

In our chat, Megan talks about: 

  • their online donor acquisition strategy 
  • how they’ve tested direct mail
  • their efforts using direct response TV ads
  • how they go about organic social vs. paid ads
  • how they’re thinking about sustainable growth and reaching new donors


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