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#56: How to thank your donors using philanthropic psychology, with Jen Shang

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Have you heard of philanthropic psychology….or phil psych for short? 

It’s the science behind fundraising that first and foremost cares about stewarding the love that is at the core of philanthropy. 

So instead of being focused on growing revenue from your donors, it’s focused on growing your donors’ human capacity to love others—as well as themselves. 

And when you help people grow their love for others and themselves, well…the money follows. And you end up raising a lot more.

Today on the podcast, we get into how to thank your donors using the principles of phil psych with Professor Jen Shang—the world’s first PhD in Philanthropy, and the world’s only philanthropic psychologist.

Jen goes through 5 different levels of thanking your donors. As you listen to this, see if you can rank yourself and find out what level you’re at.

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