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#3: David Kravinchuk — How to avoid 3 common mistakes nonprofits make in their legacy marketing

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Today on the show, we’re talking about a massive opportunity for your nonprofit to add revenue to your bottom line for years to come. 

We’re talking about the largest gift your donor may ever give to your organization. We’re talking about legacy marketing. 

Did you know charitable bequests are now worth literally hundreds of billions of dollars in Canada? So if you’re not already giving your donors a chance to leave behind a gift for generations to come that honours their values and beliefs…today is the day to start. 

And if you already have a legacy marketing program in place, you’re likely looking for effective ways to improve your messaging and strategy.

Well today’s guest is going to show you 3 common mistakes nonprofits make when asking donors to leave a gift in their will…and 3 easy solutions you can implement today.

We’re talking to David Kravinchuk, seasoned fundraiser and the also the founder and convener of the Western Canada Fundraising Conference. 

You’re going to learn from David:

  • Why you shouldn’t educate your donor on how to leave a gift in their will
  • Why you may need to ignore some of your brand standards to effectively communicate with your donors 
  • And why you shouldn’t mention most planned gift options 

And as a gift for you, David is going to share one of the biggest blunders of his career…and help you avoid making the same mistake.


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