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#4: Chris Bosch — How to create a strategic plan you will actually use

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What do you think when you hear the words strategic planning?

If you’re like most nonprofit leaders today, you know strategy is important. You know a good strategy has the power to completely transform your organization’s fundraising and development performance. 

It can energize your staff, volunteers and donors. It can give you the clarify and focus needed to take on the world’s most pressing problems. 

And for small and mid-sized organizations who are working under all kinds of constraints, a good strategy helps you decide where to allocate all of your time and energy and money and staff to make the most difference. 

But I know what you might be thinking…because unfortunately for many of us, our experience with strategic planning is often just a big binder full of good intentions that ends up sitting on a shelf collecting dust. And that seems like a waste of time and money.

Today’s guest is on a mission to change that. And he’s going to walk us through an easy framework anyone can use to create a clear and compelling strategy for their organization. 

We’re talking to Chris Bosch, former head of strategy for World Vision Canada where he led a major process involving staff at all levels and external stakeholders to re-imagine the future of the $450m NGO. 

Chris now runs Chisel Consulting, a company that helps organizations get clear about their own mission and purpose so they know what to focus on.

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