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#2: Dan Sonners — 4 ways to boost direct mail with multi-channel tests

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If you’ve worked in fundraising for some time, you’ll know that direct mail still enjoys some of the best response rates of any communications channel. 

But because we’re living in a digital world, it’s easy to think of direct mail as outdated with nothing new to offer.  

You and I hear that all the time.

If you still rely on the mailbox to connect with your donors and to grow your revenue, you know that’s not the case. You know it’s still where most donations come in. You know it leads to higher donor retention. You know it’s useful in acquiring large gift donors.

And you also know that digital tools actually make direct mail work better now than ever before.

Today we’re talking to Dan Sonners about 4 different ways you can boost your direct mail response by adding digital channels to your fundraising campaigns. 

Dan is the Director of Non-Profit Marketing at Conrad Direct, a family owned direct marketing firm which has specialized in the nonprofit sector for over 35 years. As a list broker he’s written direct mail and digital media plans which have helped nonprofits acquire nearly a million donors for organizations in wide range of markets and sizes. 

He also hosts and Dynamic Nonprofits podcast, which is dedicated to advocating for an unsiloed approach to fundraising and spurring innovation in the nonprofit sector. 


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