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#1: John Janzen — What I learned during my first year of being a Director of Development

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Are you having a hard time finding and retaining a good Director of Development?

If that sounds like you, you’re not alone.

Studies show the average tenure for a Director of Development is between 16-18 months — among the highest in any profession. And while it’s true for organizations of all sizes, it’s especially true in smaller organizations where more than 50% of Development Directors say they anticipate leaving their jobs in 2 years or less.

Today on the podcast, we talk with John Janzen, Director of Development at Inner City Youth Alive in Winnipeg, Canada. John is a first-time DoD who’s just finishing his first year on the job.

We’re going to hear from John on what he’s learned in his first year, how he has learned to tell his organization’s story, and what every prospective small-shop DoD should know about going into the job.

Make sure to stick around, because the end of our conversation John plays a song from a musical he wrote to engage the community in issues of poverty.


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