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#61: Fundraising when your donors are facing inflation and political turmoil

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There’s no way around it: our world is a mess.

Giving has levelled off after a season of overwhelming generosity. We’re facing record inflation. The housing market is unpredictable. The stock market is a mess. Supply chains are broken. 

Society seems to be more polarized than ever before. And the ongoing war in Ukraine is ever-present in the public consciousness. 

Regardless of how serious you may think things are, make no mistake: most people are paying more at the cash register when they’re buying food and fueling up the family van. 

And chances are, most of your donors are feeling a little bit of insecurity—and a little bit of lack of control over what’s happening in the world.

So what does that mean for your fundraising?

On today’s show, we’re sharing part of a conversation Mike had with Dan Sonners on the Dynamic Nonprofits podcast about how to fundraise when the world’s a mess.

We look at the big picture, then go into some practical steps you can take today to make sure your organization is prepared for the worst.

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