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#18: Tycely Williams — How to increase equity and inclusion in your nonprofit

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2020 has been a strange year, but one of the positives has been a strong movement towards equity and inclusion in the workplace.

For too long, systemic oppression has held back our under-represented colleagues. The good news is many leaders are working through this issue in their own organizations, while also pushing the nonprofit sector to take a leading role when it comes to increasing equity and inclusion.

In this episode of the Build Good Podcast, we’ll hear from one of them — Tycely Williams. Tycely is the chief development officer at America’s Promise, the largest alliance of its kind in the US devoted to helping the younger generation thrive and succeed. 

For 23 years she has held senior leadership positions with the YWCA USA, the American Red Cross, and the YMCA. Throughout the course of her career she has inspired individuals and institutions to donate over $92 million to charitable causes. 

Tycely shares with us how our beliefs about equity, race, and inclusion must influence our behaviour. She wants to inspire and help your organization to have a plan that increases equity and inclusion so you can create a more just work place. Her practical, actionable advice will put you in the perfect position to achieve this by helping shape your systems, processes and policies.

Today we’ll cover:

  • [9:49] – Doing philanthropy through the lens of ‘Noble benefit’
  • [16:36] – What we mean, practically speaking, when we talk about increasing equity
  • [20:07] – Recognizing implicit bias within yourself and your organization
  • [22:56] – An example of what implicit bias looks like
  • [25:21] – Change in society starts first within yourself and your organization
  • [32:54] – Where a leader should start when wanting to have conversations with their staff about equity
  • [40:09] – How to become a diverse team without sacrificing talent
  • [46:23] – Developing a track for minority employees to be able to fill any position in the organization
  • [51:33] – How to discern where and with who your organization should invest time and money

Tycely would love to connect with you. You can find her on TwitterLinkedin or learn more about her work at America’s Promise

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