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#16: Sarah Durham — How to build your nonprofit’s communications engine

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If you’re like most nonprofits, this year has been a wake up call that you need to step up your game when it comes to communicating clearly, effectively and authentically with your donors. 

Maybe you were getting by before, but when the system was put under stress, you didn’t have the resources or the team or the tools or the strategy to move quickly – and confidently. 

Today on the show, we’re talking to Sarah Durham, author of the Nonprofit Communications Engine – a leader’s guide to managing mission-driven marketing and communications. 

Sarah is the founder and CEO of Big Duck, an agency that helps nonprofits increase their visibility and communicate more effectively. She’s also the owner of Advomatic, a company that builds websites for nonprofits. 

In our chat, Sarah gets into what it takes to build a successful communications team, how to create a communications strategy that will help you achieve your goals, and what tools every communications department needs to successfully advance the mission of the organization. 

We also get into what makes for a successful communicator – and you might be surprised that it has less to do with raw talent, and more to do with being willing to serve.  

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