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#11: Julie Cooper — How to thank donors so they keep on giving

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What is the secret of organizations raising record levels of money during the coronavirus pandemic?

Many of the nonprofits thriving right now have one thing in common: donor-centric fundraising and stewardship.

While it seems counter-intuitive, in hard times many donors actually increase their giving. They want to be part of the solution and help.

But the key is, they only give to organizations they care about — and organizations that care about them. Organizations that share their values. That have done a good job at thanking them, making them feel valued and connecting them to the cause.

Donors move mountains for charities that value them, celebrate their generosity, use their gift effectively and report back to them on the difference they’ve made.

So if your nonprofit was already focused on donor-centric fundraising, you have a huge advantage right now. And if you weren’t, the good news is you can start today.

If you want proven tactics that keep donors coming back again and again, this podcast is for you. Julie Cooper will share how to thank donors so they feel connected to your cause…and want to keep giving — even after the pandemic is over.


  • Learn more about Julie and get the FREE resources mentioned in the podcast by visiting her website

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