This appeal raised $835,911. Here’s what you can learn from it.

How do you raise money for the lesser-known, but escalating crisis in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, from a donor base who just donated millions to the emergency response in Ukraine? The challenge When our client, Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) Canada, wanted to launch an appeal to help refugees of the escalating Tigray crisis in Ethiopia, they […]

7 numbers every nonprofit marketer should know

How do you calculate the success of your fundraising efforts? The answer is more than just total revenue — although that’s what many nonprofits and fundraisers focus on.  To understand how your efforts impact results and understand how donors respond (or don’t), you have to know the numbers. Here are 7 key performance indicators you […]

Why we should stop using the term nonprofit

A few months ago I found myself sitting beside an enthusiastic business-school graduate on a flight to Honduras. He was on his way to Peru for a one-week adventure in the Amazon rainforest before starting a demanding and exciting executive-track career at a medical company in Ontario.  After we chatted about his passion for sales […]