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#84: This is how you use SEO to find new donors, with Cameron Bartlett

More people would give to your organization, if they could only find you. We know ads, emails, and organic social are great ways to reach new potential donors.  But some of the scrappiest, most creative nonprofits use SEO to attract new supporters to grow their cause.  How?  On this week’s BuildGood Live, we’re revealing the […]

#83: How to lead your fundraising efforts with digital, with Erik Rubadeau

We live in the golden age of digital fundraising—the most efficient ecosystem in which to test, learn and refine.  Digital has immense power to drive strategies that scale and connect deeply with our donors. AND it plays nicely with so many other channels, including direct mail. Yet most organizations use it backwards. Instead of leading […]

#81: If the donor isn’t the hero…who is she?

You’ve likely heard that the donor should be the hero in your fundraising messaging.  The phrase had a noble intent.  It was meant to encourage us to shift our perspective away from meeting revenue targets, and toward finding alignment with our ideal donors’ goals and values.  But over time, it became misunderstood. Misconstrued. And misapplied. […]

#78: How email can support a magical generosity experience, with Tim Sarrantonio

How do you evaluate your email campaigns?   If you’re a nonprofit—especially one that doesn’t raise tens of millions every year—you may have a hard time finding benchmarks from organizations like yours.  Most of the data on benchmarks and proven practices comes from either very large organizations or from for-profit companies.  Until now.  On this week’s […]

#77: How donors really feel about their relationship with you, with Justin McCord

As passionate fundraisers, we’re all pretty good at thinking about how to talk to donors. But sometimes, we’re not the best listeners. On this week’s BG Live, we’re joined by Just McCord from RKD about a brand new donor study that listened to donors across a variety of causes. Turns out, donors need us to listen more. In […]

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