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#92: How to use Meta ads to find and acquire new donors, with Dana Snyder

Have you ever used paid Facebook and Instagram ads to support your fundraising?  Ads can supercharge your donor acquisition strategy, but they can also be a little scary if you’re just starting out—and if you’re new to digital marketing. To continue our series on new donor acquisition, we’re chatting with Dana Snyder from Positive Equation, […]

#91: How to acquire new donors online, with Jeff Giddens

So you want to find new donors online? Then this is a foundational podcast episode for you to listen to. We’re beginning our series on online new donor acquisition with a master of digital fundraising: Jeff Giddens from NextAfter. In our chat, we get into:  Along the way, we also get into how direct mail—and […]

#90: The 4 core ways to acquire new donors

You need to retain donors if you want to grow sustainably—but you also need to find new donors.  It seems simple enough, but we all want to skip to the “growing revenue” part without investing in both acquisition and retention. It doesn’t work. I’ve tried. You need to work on both, consistently and reliably.  If […]

#89: How to set realistic growth goals for 2024—a step by step guide

Many nonprofits want to see 10-20% growth (or more!) year over year—and are tasking their fundraising team to make it happen without a clear-eyed view of what it takes.  It’s not that sustained growth is unrealistic, but it becomes harder to raise more money year after year without investing resources (read: money and time!) in […]

#87: Can strategic planning really help you raise more revenue? with Kim Bersin

Do you feel like you have a focused fundraising strategy?  Or does it feel like you’re being asked to do something else every few months? Have you—or your leadership—been so derailed by that shiny, new opportunity (looking at you, TikTok) that you lose sight of what’s important? A strategic plan might help—if you approach it […]

#86: Fundraising trends from around the world, with Mike Johnston

Today’s show is a special episode—a bit of a global journey of fundraising and discovery with one of Canada’s well known fundraisers.   Fresh off a trip to Europe—including stops in Romania, Slovakia and Holland—Michael Johnston joins us to have a chat about what the social impact sector outside of North America looks like. And what […]

#84: This is how you use SEO to find new donors, with Cameron Bartlett

More people would give to your organization, if they could only find you. We know ads, emails, and organic social are great ways to reach new potential donors.  But some of the scrappiest, most creative nonprofits use SEO to attract new supporters to grow their cause.  How?  On this week’s BuildGood Live, we’re revealing the […]

#83: How to lead your fundraising efforts with digital, with Erik Rubadeau

We live in the golden age of digital fundraising—the most efficient ecosystem in which to test, learn and refine.  Digital has immense power to drive strategies that scale and connect deeply with our donors. AND it plays nicely with so many other channels, including direct mail. Yet most organizations use it backwards. Instead of leading […]

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