#66: The best of legacy giving

On today’s podcast, we’re revising the best advice and proven practices on how to get more gifts in wills. For many of your donors, the gift they leave in their will might the largest gift they ever make to your charity. Not only that, but research has shown that donors who choose to leave a gift in […]

#65: The best of monthly giving

Today we’re taking a look back at the best practical advice on monthly giving our guests have shared on the podcast.  From what it takes to build a flagship monthly giving product, to tactical advice on upgrading monthly gifts, to how to resource a strong monthly giving program—we’re revisiting “can’t miss” content that’ll help you […]

#64: The operating system you need to structure your fundraising shop

Here’s a common pain point for many nonprofit CEOs and fundraising leaders: we’re spending too much time on the operations of the shop, and not enough time connecting with donors. There is a way to reclaim some of that time. But it’s not sexy. It’s not glamorous. It’s kind of a pain to implement at […]

#43: How to convert social media fans and followers into donors with Julia Campbell

If you are struggling to use social media—particularly Facebook—to drive revenue and contribute to your fundraising, today’s episode is for you. We are talking to Julia Campbell, the author of Storytelling in the Digital Age: A Guide for Nonprofits.  Julia runs a digital marketing consulting business, where she helps nonprofits stop spinning their wheels on social […]

#41: A 3-step framework to test donor preferences & behaviour with Cherian Koshy

Have you ever wished you could read your donors’ minds?   Today’s podcast is going to give you a three-step framework you can use to gain some insight into your donors’ preference and giving behaviour. We’re talking to Cherian Koshy, Director of Development for the De Moines Performing Arts.  Cherian is the world’s only certified […]

#40: This is how you win back lapsed donors

Acquiring new donors is hard—and expensive. It’s also necessary.  But are you missing out on your best source of donor acquisition? It’s lapsed donors.  It’s easy to forget about them, but that would be a tragic thing to do. Because you’ll be ignoring people who have proven that they care about the issue your nonprofit […]

#39: You’ve measured the data—now what? with Kirk Schmidt

You’ve heard it on this podcast. You’ve heard it at conferences, in books, and from consultants and other fundraisers: You should be using your data to make better decisions about your fundraising.  And you’ve likely tracked the data like retention rates, average gift, and lifetime value. But now you’re looking at some numbers asking, “What do […]

#38—5 next-level tactics to grow your monthly giving program, with Erica Waasdorp

You already know that growing your monthly giving program, mid-level donor program, and legacy giving program are among the most lucrative fundraising activities your nonprofit can pursue.  And chances are, you’re already working on building all of them—but you’re wondering if could be doing better. So if you already have a monthly giving program in […]