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#81: If the donor isn’t the hero…who is she?

You’ve likely heard that the donor should be the hero in your fundraising messaging.  The phrase had a noble intent.  It was meant to encourage us to shift our perspective away from meeting revenue targets, and toward finding alignment with our ideal donors’ goals and values.  But over time, it became misunderstood. Misconstrued. And misapplied. […]

#78: How email can support a magical generosity experience, with Tim Sarrantonio

How do you evaluate your email campaigns?   If you’re a nonprofit—especially one that doesn’t raise tens of millions every year—you may have a hard time finding benchmarks from organizations like yours.  Most of the data on benchmarks and proven practices comes from either very large organizations or from for-profit companies.  Until now.  On this week’s […]

#77: How donors really feel about their relationship with you, with Justin McCord

As passionate fundraisers, we’re all pretty good at thinking about how to talk to donors. But sometimes, we’re not the best listeners. On this week’s BG Live, we’re joined by Just McCord from RKD about a brand new donor study that listened to donors across a variety of causes. Turns out, donors need us to listen more. In […]

#75: How to use storytelling to engage donors and retain staff, with Olga Moshinsky Woltman

Humans are wired for stories, yet storytelling can be challenging.  That’s why on this week’s BuildGood Live, we’re talking to master storyteller—and founder of LemonSkies—Olga Moshinsky Woltman about how to harness the power of stories. She’s worked with some of the most inspiring and transformative causes, including American Heart Association, the ALS Association, American Diabetes […]

#74: How I Built Good: The Adventure Project, with Becky Straw

In a new segment of the pod we’re calling How I Built Good, we interview nonprofit founders, entrepreneurs and leaders on how they’re building good in the world.  Starting with Becky Straw.  She never set out to become a founder.  But when she was let go from her job at fast-growing water charity, she bought […]

#73: 5 steps to get started with donor surveys, with Louis Diez

Have you ever surveyed your donors?  We talk a lot about listening to donors through conversations. Surveys can be a great tool to compliment donor conversations, because they’re interviews at scale. They’re a great way to:  But how do you get started designing a survey?  And what meaningful and practical steps can you take with […]

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