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#87: Can strategic planning really help you raise more revenue? with Kim Bersin

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Do you feel like you have a focused fundraising strategy? 

Or does it feel like you’re being asked to do something else every few months?

Have you—or your leadership—been so derailed by that shiny, new opportunity (looking at you, TikTok) that you lose sight of what’s important?

A strategic plan might help—if you approach it the right way.

Now, let’s be honest, you might already have a plan in place. 

It might be sitting on a shelf. Gathering dust. It might just be a long list of lofty goals you want to achieve. It might not even have a strategy at all! 

That’s why how you approach creating a plan is just as important as creating it in the first place. 

So in today’s chat, we get into the power of strategic planning and how it can be a tool to keep your team and your leadership focused on raising more revenue and cultivating your donors.

We’re talking with Kim Bersin, founder of Donor Speak Consulting.  She works with organizations around the globe and has helped raise millions across charitable sectors.

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