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#84: This is how you use SEO to find new donors, with Cameron Bartlett

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More people would give to your organization, if they could only find you.

We know ads, emails, and organic social are great ways to reach new potential donors. 

But some of the scrappiest, most creative nonprofits use SEO to attract new supporters to grow their cause. 


On this week’s BuildGood Live, we’re revealing the playbook you can use to optimize your nonprofit’s online content so you can start attracting new donors. 

Cameron Bartlett has helped hundreds of charities like yours fundraise way more, by creating journeys that guide donors from your first interaction to becoming lifelong advocates that grow your cause for you. 

He’s led award-winning digital marketing campaigns for orgs like New Story, IJM, Compassion, World Vision and Cure. 

And he is currently building the food tech nonprofit Future Food.

In our chat, we’ll get into: 

  • Why is SEO important for your nonprofit
  • How does SEO for nonprofits even work
  • How you can begin optimizing your online content so more people find you
  • How you can identify relevant keywords for your charity 
  • How long does it take to see results from your nonprofit’s SEO efforts
  • What tools can a nonprofit use for SEO
  • How can you track and measure your progress on your SEO efforts

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