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#83: How to lead your fundraising efforts with digital, with Erik Rubadeau

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We live in the golden age of digital fundraising—the most efficient ecosystem in which to test, learn and refine. 

Digital has immense power to drive strategies that scale and connect deeply with our donors. AND it plays nicely with so many other channels, including direct mail.

Yet most organizations use it backwards.

Instead of leading with digital, they’re bolting on digital strategies on the back end of other efforts, hoping to get a boost.

So how can we learn to lead with digital?

On today’s podcast, we chat with Erik Rubadeau. He’s the CEO of Yeeboo Digital, a data driven, full service online fundraising and technology agency.

His expertise on digitally led fundraising and tech innovation and adoption has helped hundreds of nonprofits launch new initiatives and grow their revenue.

In our chat, we’ll get into: 

  1. What “leading with digital” means?
  2. How to use digital to test new ideas with little risk or investment.
  3. How to make the switch from digital as a “bolt on” to digital-first fundraising.
  4. Some core tools and strategies nonprofits of all sizes can use to lead with digital.

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