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#81: If the donor isn’t the hero…who is she?

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You’ve likely heard that the donor should be the hero in your fundraising messaging. 

The phrase had a noble intent. 

It was meant to encourage us to shift our perspective away from meeting revenue targets, and toward finding alignment with our ideal donors’ goals and values. 

But over time, it became misunderstood. Misconstrued. And misapplied.

The “donor as hero” metaphor turned into “the donor is always right”—causing some organizations to do real harm. 

So is it time to think about a better way to express the way we approach our fundraising?

In this freewheeling chat, we get into:

  1. The storytelling triad
  2. The phases of fundraising that led to donor-centric fundraising 
  3. What do people mean when they say the donor is the hero 
  4. Why can that philosophy—if misunderstood and misapplied—become harmful 
  5. The difference between donor-led and donor-centric fundraising
  6. What’s a better way of thinking about “donor as hero” 

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