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#77: How donors really feel about their relationship with you, with Justin McCord

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As passionate fundraisers, we’re all pretty good at thinking about how to talk to donors.
But sometimes, we’re not the best listeners.
On this week’s BG Live, we’re joined by Just McCord from RKD about a brand new donor study that listened to donors across a variety of causes.
Turns out, donors need us to listen more.

In our chat, we’ll talk about:
1. What donors say makes for strong relationships.
2. What donors say they want from their favourite causes.
3. Two key emotions that stand out above the rest in the research.
4. How donor expectations have changed.
5. How relationships affect both what—and where—donors give.
And we’ll also get into how to transition your fundraising practice to listen first.
Justin is the SVP Marketing & Communications at RKD, where he oversees the brand and leads the firm’s research efforts.

And he’s a nerd for soccer, professional wrestling and dad jokes.

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