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#71: How to know your audience to grow your audience, with Emily Taylor

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How often have you heard that you should “listen to your donors” and nodded along in agreement? 

But how often have you actually sat down to implement a system to continually listen to donors in a structured way and gain new insights? 

Make no mistake: getting to know your donors is a strategy with high returns.

For-profit companies are investing in audience research like never before. They’re getting insights from the very same people who will buy their product or service.

And you can do the same with your donors.

I know it might sound complicated and expensive…but it doesn’t have to be.

You’d be surprised how easy it is to start listening to your donors, speak their language, and meet them where they are.

And in fact, the smaller your donor file, the easier it is.

The truth is, the most valuable data you can look at isn’t some nonprofit sector report on where philanthropy is going. Or how donors are feeling about the economy. Or what’s happening with online giving.

The most valuable data you can use to improve your fundraising is right in front of you. It’s your donors.

So how can you know your audience to grow your audience? 

On today’s episode, we’re talking to Emily Taylor from teenyBIG about some easy ways to start listening to your donors. 

Using qualitative research and evaluation methods, she helps nonprofits better understand a donor segment before engaging with them or learn about the strengths and opportunities of their organization through the eyes of its community.

In our chat, you’ll learn: 

  • The difference between quantitative and qualitative data
  • The questions to ask yourself before asking donors
  • How to start listening to donors
  • How to evaluate donor feedback and analyze it

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