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#58: A better way to measure and improve donor satisfaction, with Kevin Schulman

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If you’re a regular listener of this podcast, you know intuitively that the donor experience is more important than just getting the gift. 

Because a great experience leads to greater commitment, and loyalty and satisfaction…and yes, money in the long term. 

But before you can improve the donor experience—and increase supporter satisfaction—you need to know how to measure it in the first place.  

And we’re not talking about an annual donor survey. 

Today’s guest is going to share the methodology his team developed to measure psychological need satisfaction after every single interaction a donor has with your organization. 

We’re talking to Kevin Schulman, the founder of DonorVoice, and DV Canvass.He’s also the managing editor of The Agitator Blog. 

Him and his team are focused on using behavioural science to improve fundraising outcomes.

And on today’s show, we get into: 

  • how to setup an ongoing business process to measure donor satisfaction
  • how to use those scores to improve the donor experience
  • the effectiveness of “nudging” in fundraising
  • why the Net Promoter Score has no value for fundraising teams
  • why the decision to give and the decision of how much to give are two separate—but related—decisions 

Connect with Kevin right here.

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