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#57: The 5 powerful questions to ask prospective funder to increase your close rate, with Mallory Erickson

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Have you ever walked into a meeting with a prospective funder feeling nervous? 

Maybe you weren’t sure how to lead the conversation. Maybe you felt a power imbalance. Or maybe you felt like you were there to beg for money, rather than being there as an equal partner or peer.

If you’ve been there, today’s episode is for you.

Meet Mallory Erickson.

Her mission is to help people like you fundraise more from the right donors WITHOUT hounding people for money. Without feeling like you’re begging. Without feeling like you’re pitching. Without feeling weird and awkward about having the money conversation.

In today’s chat, Mallory walks through an powerful 5-question framework you can use at your next meeting with a prospective funder. 

Connect with Mallory and learn all about her Power Partners Formula right here.

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