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#53: Double your nonprofit’s income every 72 weeks by building a digital fundraising factory, with Ewald Verhoog

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Would you like to acquire, keep and upgrade new donors online? And do it all using marketing automation? 

It’s possible—by building a digital fundraising factory. And it’s not as complicated as you might think.

Today on the show, we’re talking to Dutch fundraising expert Ewald Verhoog on how to build a digital revenue engine from the ground up. 

Ewald is the author of “The almost definitive book about DIGITAL FUNDRAISING: the step by step method to double your individual income.”

The book details a blueprint on how to grow your fundraising by 1% per week—which means you can double revenue every 72 weeks. And on today’s podcast, Ewald walks us through the framework. 

You can get the book for free (plus shipping) right here.

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