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#51: How Greenpeace Canada increased monthly giving by 330% using email only, with Miriam Wilson

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Monthly donors…we all want more of them. Today we’re going to hear how Greenpeace Canada uses a simple email strategy to grow monthly giving. And the good news is: you can do this, too!

Greenpeace Canada focuses on using open and honest emails as a core strategy to ask people who have signed petitions to consider becoming a monthly donor. And in just two years, they’ve grown monthly giving by over 330%, which is amazing.

To tell us how they did it, we’re talking to Miriam Wilson, who leads digital fundraising and donor engagement at Greenpeace Canada. 

This is a really practical conversation, and I hope you leave encouraged by the fact that there is a low cost strategy to grow your monthly giving that nonprofits of any size can implement at any time.

Today we’ll cover:

  • [2:40] – How email conversions compare to other channels    
  • [7:55] – Greenpeace’s schedule for asking for monthly donors via email    
  • [13:44} – Greenpeace’s asking of prospects and first time givers    
  • [18:21] – Crafting an effective monthly giving offer    
  • 24:07] – Greenpeace’s 5 segments for email: strategy and segmentation    
  • [39:31] – Miriam’s encouragement for nonprofit fundraisers and leaders    

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