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#50: How to turn unsexy offers into fundraising asks that pull in the dollars, with June Steward

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Your offer is the single most important thing that makes a difference in your fundraising. It’s how you move donors toward greater generosity and inspire them to give. 

But not all fundraising offers are created equal.

Many fundraisers struggle to create compelling offers for their causes because they don’t provide urgent and tangible services like food and water and medical care. Their beneficiaries are not kittens or children or an endangered species.

The truth is: it is harder to fundraise for some causes than for others. 

Today on the show, we’re talking to June Steward, a fundraising consultant and a copywriting expert, about how you can raise more money with unsexy offers. 

Today we’ll cover:

  • [3:08] – What is an offer and what makes an offer great?    
  • [08:42] – Tying your offer into your vision    
  • [12:51] – Approaching fundraising for an unsexy offer    
  • [15:10] – Linking your offer to the end benefit    
  • [17:04] – Understanding features vs benefits    
  • [24:26} – June and Mike brainstorm ideas around an imaginary cause    
  • [36:40] – Thinking about what the donor wants to hear and know about your nonprofit    
  • [39:30] – June’s encouragement for nonprofit leaders, marketers and fundraisers    
  • [46:16] – Mike’s short action plan for your next offer   


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