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#46: 4 steps to building your (personal) brand on LinkedIn with Anthony Jones

A picture of Anthony Jones talking about how to use LinkedIn for fundraising and nonprofits

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LinkedIn is a powerful tool for staying up to date on career opportunities, yes. But it can also make you more valuable as a fundraiser and nonprofit leader by building your personal brand. 

If you’re on LinkedIn but you’re not very active, you don’t know what to post, or you’re not sure it’s even worth your time, then this episode is for you.

Today, we are talking to Anthony Jones about how to create a personal brand on LinkedIn. Anthony is the outgoing Director of Digital Media and Marketing for Ducks Unlimited. For the last 19 years, he has led the organization’s digital growth and online fundraising team—haivng raised over $40 million in online donations since 2010. 

Anthony is also a prominent face on LinkedIn. He’s built a large following and his new company provides consulting and coaching services to help nonprofit leaders transform their profile pages into powerful brands for themselves and their organizations. 

Today we’ll cover:

[03:45] – Isn’t LinkedIn just an online resume?    

[07:41] – Why everyone needs to consider their personal brand    

[14:15] – Step 1: Optimizing your profile    

[18:27] – Step: 2 How and why you should make posts    

[23:08] – Finding your 4 pillars of posting    

[27:30] – Step 3: Engaging with other users

[30:41] – How to find content you can engage    

[31:48] – Step 4: Making new connections and expanding your network    

[35:32] – Should you concentrate your energy on your business’ page or your own?    

[36:54] – How to encourage your team to build their brands on LinkedIn    

[40:53] – Anthony’s encouragement for nonprofit leaders, marketers, and fundraisers

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