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#45: How to create a money-raising gift catalogue, with Brian Tucker

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Gift catalogues can be a great way to meaningfully engage your donors in the work you do—and they can raise a lot of money. But how do you create one? 

How do you optimize it? How do you develop the offers and the price points? How do you choose which gifts to feature more heavily than others? How do you put it all together? 

There’s an art and a science to it all, and today we get into it all with Brian Tucker from True Sense.  Brian led the development of the World Vision gift catalogue in 2006, and he saw it grow over 300% in a five-year period. 

Since then he’s helped lots of other organizations create effective and successful multichannel gift catalogue programs. 

On today’s podcast, Brian gets into all the tactics and the strategies that go into creating a winning catalogue. 

Today we’ll cover:

[03:01] – Why Nonprofits should consider having a gift catalogue    

[07:27] – Print Catalogues and Year End Giving    

[10:08] – How large the commitment to a catalogue is    

[14:40] – Why you shouldn’t treat your gift catalogues like a direct mail campaign    

[21:39] – How to conduct a detailed product analysis    

[29:54] – Bundling gifts and add-ons    

[35:38] – Optimizing your digital catalogue    

[43:15] – Fulfillment of a thank you card    

[45:44] – Brian’s encouragement for nonprofit leaders, marketers, and fundraisers    

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