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#44: How to stop being a reluctant fundraiser and start loving your job, with Cindy Wagman

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On this podcast, we often focus on improving the craft of fundraising. But we rarely talk about the mindset is takes to be a fundraiser—and be proud of it.

The truth is, most of us likely started out as reluctant fundraisers. We  “fell into” the job, and learned to love it along the way. And while there is plenty of training out there to learn best practice fundraising, there is little support to help fundraisers change their thought patterns and beliefs around fundraising.

Enter today’s guest, Cindy Wagman. She’s the founder of The Good Partnership and author of Raise It: the reluctant fundraiser’s guide to raising money without selling your soul

If you’ve ever felt like you’re selling your soul when you’re fundraising; if you’ve ever felt fear, panic or even guilt when asking donors for money, then this conversation with Cindy will be like healing balm for your soul.

Today we’ll cover:

[03:26] – What is a Small Nonprofit?    

[06:18] – False beliefs about fundraising    

[13:27] – Helping your program staff adopt the right mindset

[16:54] – How practice changes the story around fundraising    

[24:57] – The false belief that a donor will give when they are ready to give not when we ask    

[27:53] – Giving the donor the freedom to make a choice    

[31:04] – Why it might be arrogant not to ask for money    

[36:49] – How to overcome fear of rejection    

[41:07] – Scarcity Mindset           

[42:19] – Cindy’s encouragement for nonprofit leaders and fundraisers

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