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#42: How to turn monthly givers into legacy donors with Ligia Peña

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Did you know monthly donors are six times more likely to become legacy donors?

They are the most committed and loyal to your organization. They’re in the habit of giving to you every single month. And many have been with you for years.

Yet, most nonprofits don’t really consider monthly donors in their legacy marketing.

That’s why today’s guest is going to show you a powerful way to create long term revenue for your organization by focusing on both monthly giving and legacy marketing together. 

Ligia Peña is an international legacy consultant with over 20 years of experience, working for large organizations like Greenpeace and small to mid-sized shops.

So grab a notepad, pen and a cup of coffee…because Ligia brings so much value in this episode. 

Today we’ll cover:

[03:57] – Common Legacy Giving Myths that need to be debunked    

[13:05] – Examples of surprising and meaningful legacy gifts    

[17:04] – If asking monthly donors for legacy gifts will hurt your monthly giving program    

[23:07] – How to identify which monthly donors we should be reaching out to for legacy gifts    

[31:48] – Understanding your donors when you don’t have the right information

[39:44] – How to start talking to your monthly donors about legacy gifts    

[43:01] – Expectations and evaluating your legacy giving program    

[50:50] – Ligia’s encouragement for nonprofit leaders and fundraisers   

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