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#41: A 3-step framework to test donor preferences & behaviour with Cherian Koshy

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Have you ever wished you could read your donors’ minds?  

Today’s podcast is going to give you a three-step framework you can use to gain some insight into your donors’ preference and giving behaviour. We’re talking to Cherian Koshy, Director of Development for the De Moines Performing Arts. 

Cherian is the world’s only certified mind genomics advisor in the nonprofit sector. 

He spends a lot of time trying to figure out how donors think, how they make decisions, and how to use tools and research to actually lead our donors toward greater generosity.

The approach he’s going to share with you today has been used by some of the world’s largest brands to create products that people actually want to buy. You can start using some of these principles too —even if you don’t have a huge marketing and fundraising budget. 

Today we’ll cover:

[2:34] – The problem with getting donor feedback

[6:20] – Getting specific about what you want your donor to do

[12:08] – Planning the steps to your key behaviour

[18:34] – Listing barriers and biases that may get in the way

[30:02] – Knowing when to test and how to validate your work 

[37:21]- Getting into preference analysis

[43:20] – Cherian’s encouragement for nonprofit leaders and fundraisers

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