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#38—5 next-level tactics to grow your monthly giving program, with Erica Waasdorp

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You already know that growing your monthly giving program, mid-level donor program, and legacy giving program are among the most lucrative fundraising activities your nonprofit can pursue. 

And chances are, you’re already working on building all of them—but you’re wondering if could be doing better. So if you already have a monthly giving program in place, today’s show is going to be especially valuable for you.  

We’re talking to Erica Waasdorp, author of Monthly Giving: The Sleeping Giant and a brand new book called Monthly Giving Made Easy.  

Erica is fellow direct response fundraising nerd, and in today’s podcast she is going to share 5 tactics to level-up your existing monthly giving program.

Today we’ll cover:

[4:05] – Monthly Donor Monday        

[5:47] – #1 Putting someone in charge of the program    

[12:36] – #2 Growing your monthly donor file    

[23:55] – #3 Cultivation and stewardship    

[33:15] – #4 Create a Donor Retention Day        

[38:10] – #5 Asking monthly donors to upgrade

[46:02] – Erica’s encouragement for nonprofits leaders and fundraisers

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