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#37—How Amnesty built a succesful legacy program by doing things nonprofits of all sizes and budgets can implement, with Hala Al-Madi

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For many donors, the largest gift they will ever make to charity is the one they leave in their will. Carrying on their legacy and keeping alive the values that were important to your donors in their lifetime is a tremendous responsibility. 

It’s also a tremendous opportunity for you to increase your organization’s impact in the world. 

Most donors only include charities in their will that have done a great job of communicating shared values, stewarding them, and building the kinds of relationships that are mutually uplifting and significant.

That’s why the state of your legacy giving program is also a great indicator of the overall health of your fundraising operations—because valuable donor relationships don’t happen overnight.

If you are ready to launch, build, or improve your legacy giving program, today’s show is for you.

We are talking to Hala Al-Madi from Amnesty International. Hala has been the Legacy Giving Marketing Officer at Amnesty International in Ottawa Canada since 2013. She has helped lead the program’s growth from $600,000 to just over 1.4 million, and she’s also grown the number of expectancies by 75%. And over the last few years, she’s doubled the number of self identifying prospects. 

Hala introduced a range of marketing approaches to achieve this growth, including trickle email marketing, direct mail marketing, sharing testimonials of supporters, launching donor surveys, and creating high-touch supporter outreach points.

Today on the podcast, Hala is going to share how Amnesty grew their program specifically by doing things that charities of all sizes and budgets can do.

Today we’ll cover:

[5:40] – Unpacking the Legacy Giving mindset    

[10:17] – Donor stories, donor response, and donor love    

[16:43] – How to market your legacy program    

[23:20] – Using communications from other departments    

[24:41] – Using donor surveys          

[31:50] – Responding to the donor you survey    

[34:36] – Legacy giving during a pandemic    

[37:51] – Stewarding legacy donors     

[39:44] – Hala’s encouragement for nonprofit leaders, fundraisers, and marketers    

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