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#35—How to build a successful monthly giving program with Harvey McKinnon

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How would you like to have over 25% of your revenue come in automatically, on repeat, month after month, in a stable and predictable manner?

Today’s guest is going to show you how to do it.

Harvey McKinnon is the master of monthly giving. He’s helped thousands of organizations raise billions of dollars in monthly gifts by starting and growing lucrative monthly giving programs.

His latest book, How to Create Lifelong Donors Through Monthly Giving, teaches nonprofits how to build a low cost revenue stream you can count on year in and year out. 

On today’s show, Harvey is going to walk through how you can grow a lucrative monthly giving program or improve the existing program you have in place. 

Today we’ll cover:

[3:54] – The benefits of a monthly giving program    
[8:43] – How to tell if an organization is ready for a monthly donor program    
[10:28] – How to find the right offer and ask amount    
[16:49] – Asking for donations with direct mail    
[21:26] – Is the phone an effective way to convert monthly donors    
[27:32] – Specialized email campaigns for monthly giving    
[32:00] – Strategies for upgrades      
[34:20] – Should you include your monthly donors in your ongoing direct mail campaigns     
[37:56] – The common problems monthly giving programs face    
[41:36] – Harvey’s encouragement for nonprofit leaders

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