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Episode 27 — 3 things every fundraiser should do more of in 2021

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In the last podcast of the year, we take a look at 3 things nonprofit leaders should do more of in the New Year to grow the value of their donor file.

They don’t require you to completely change the way you do things.

In most cases, they simply require you to prioritize your time and resources in a slightly different way. 

You might be weary and worn out from this year. Maybe you’ve lived through layoffs and budget cuts. 

All the while you kept the doors of your nonprofit open to help those who rely on you — raising funds ways you’ve never had to before. 

But take heart. You’ve made it. 

So allow yourself a moment to feel proud about what you’ve achieved. And allow yourself a moment to just breathe and rest up a bit.

Then, start making a plan on how you can implement these 3 things in 2021 to raise more money, from more donors, more often. 

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