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#22: Brady Josephson — The state of multi-channel donor communications

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Multi-channel fundraising — the concept that we should cultivate donors across as many channels as we can — gets talked about a lot.

And for good reason. The data shows that multi-channel giving is the best way to grow and maintain revenue.

But high-quality multi-channel communication is hard to do. So what exactly are nonprofits doing in their marketing to truly be multi-channel — and do it well?

To help you figure out what works, and what other organizations are doing, today we’re talking to Brady Josephson about new research on the sate of multi-channel donor communications.

Brady is the vice president of innovation and optimization at NextAfter — a research lab and consultancy.

Earlier this year, Brady and his team spent four months tracking and analyzing the giving experience of multi-channel fundraising from more than 100 different nonprofits. They gave individual gifts to each organization, and gathered all their insights into a new study they’ve just released. 

Today, Brady will share some of the most important takeaways from his research, and give you tips to help you in your own efforts so you can maximize your multi-channel fundraising potential.

Today you’ll learn:

  • [5:23] – Why Brady and his team focused on multi-channel fundraising even though the nonprofit world talks about it relentlessly
  • [11:52] – The key data points they tracked during their research
  • [16:50] – What the research revealed about how nonprofits actually approach multi-channel fundraising
  • [18:40] – How caring for smaller-level donors impacts your overall fundraising goals
  • [22:56] – The importance of stewarding offline donors well
  • [26:53] – How nonprofits subconsciously end up treating online donors better than offline donors
  • [30:35] – The glaring lack of phone follow ups from nonprofits
  • [32:37] – How a phone call touch point impacts a donor’s giving
  • [37:54] – Practical ways nonprofits can improve their multi-channel communication
  • [40:34] – The impact that social ads make on fundraising

Brady would love to connect with you. You can find him on Twitter and Linkedin. Learn more about his work at NextAfter and check out the research talked about on this episode at

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