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#14: T. Clay Buck — Why donor data matters to deepen relationships and raise more money

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COVID-19 is testing the systems and processes of nonprofits like never before. And many organizations are finding that their lack of data practices and data quality are hampering their fundraising efforts.

Strong, direct relationships with donors are crucial to withstanding times of uncertainty and crisis. And fundraising success is always a result of strong systems that manage data well, allowing you to maintain a close relationship with your donors.

So what can you do to improve the way you manage donor data to help you build deeper connections with donors?

On today’s episode, we hear from T. Clay Buck, founder of Tactical Fundraising Solutions. Clay is a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) who was recently named among the top 20 charity influencers online. He has been a member of the advisory board for Rogare, and co-authored the United States Critical Fundraising Report. 

He is a frequent speaker and trainer, and teaches Fundraising and Nonprofit Management  at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas.

You’ll learn why focusing on data quality should be one of your highest priorities right now, and how to create processes and systems to manage your data most effectively.

Plus, you’ll learn who person is in your organization who can have the greatest impact on your fundraising – and it’s not who you think!

You can find more information about Clay and Tactical Fundraising Solutions at You can also connect with Clay on twitter (@tclaybuck), Linkedin, or by email at

Today we’ll cover:

  • [5:27] – What lessons should smart fundraisers be learning and paying attention to in our current cultural climate?
  • [13:58] – Why we shouldn’t underestimate the power of smaller dollar donors 
  • [16:26] – What are the current trends around data and system management?
  • [22:16] – What is ‘data quality’ and why does it matter? 
  • [27:55] – What are some basic systems and processes that every organization should have? 
  • [31:14] – The importance of having a designated person who oversees and cares for donor data
  • [32:56] – How can we make sure our systems are showing us the right information to connect with and care for our donors? 
  • [37:26] – The importance of valuing those who are charged with data entry at your organization

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