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#6: Sean Triner — How COVID-19 will impact your fundraising — and what you can do about it

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If it hasn’t already, COVID-19 will impact your cause and your fundraising. Maybe you’re wondering if you’re about to face the biggest revenue crash of your career.

And that’s a real possibility.

As panic and fear about the virus spread across the globe, many nonprofit organizations are about to make some choices that could seriously wreck their fundraising for years to come.

The decisions nonprofit leaders will make out of fear might erode the value of their donor file and jeopardize their ability to sustain their mission in the future.

So to make sure you’re not one of them, I called up Sean Triner of Moceanic for a quick chat about how your nonprofit can not only survive, but also thrive, during this uncertain time. 

Sean is a lifetime professional fundraiser who has lived and fundraised through recessions and times of crisis. He’s the co-founder of the Pareto Fundraising businesses in Australia, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

These days he runs Moceanic, an online training company focused on best practices for fundraisers like you.

In our conversation you’re going to learn:

  • Why you shouldn’t cancel your fundraising right now – and in fact, should increase your fundraising budget.
  • How you can approach your major donors who might be looking at their losses in the stock market and evaluating their charitable giving.
  • What you can do to replace the fundraising events and face to face meetings you rely on to bring in revenue.

We’ll also get into some common questions we’ve seen from fundraisers online, and Sean shares a letter from a CEO you can learn from if you have to create a campaign for urgently needed funds.

And just a note: since this is a last-minute podcast we’re not using our usual recording setup today – so the audio quality isn’t as good as it usually is. 

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