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#5: Sam Laprade — 5 metrics every nonprofit fundraiser and marketer should measure

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You’ve likely heard that combining your fundraising with data analytics is the most efficient way to grow your revenue and engage the right donors at the right time.

It’s true: donors speak to us through data.

Data is simply a measure of our donor’s actions. And most of the time those actions speak louder than words. So we need to listen carefully to what our donors are saying.

But…maybe you’re not sure where to start? Maybe you don’t know what metrics you should measure? And what do they mean anyway…and how can they help you?  

Well today on the show, you are going to learn 5 key metrics you should be measuring that will help you raise more money from more donors more effectively. 

We’re talking to Sam Laprade, a seasoned fundraiser who has raised money for important charities such as the Ottawa Hospital Foundation, the Ottawa Human Society and the Ottawa Mission. 

She’s a fundraising consultant and director at Gryphon Fundraising where she helps organizations make sense of their donor data and improve database analytics. 

You’re going to learn…

1.    What donor data analytics you should measure – and how to measure them.

2.    How you can interpret those results.

3.    And practical ways of using those results to make a difference in your fundraising.

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