#47: How to advance your donor’s hero story with Dr. Russell James

A picture of Dr. Russell James

Good fundraisers know that stories work better than statistics, that characters work better than calculations and that whoever tells the best story wins.  Still, we sometimes neglect the donor’s personal story…the story they are writing with their life. And if we start to understand that story, and those characters, it might lead to transformation gifts.  […]

#45: How to create a money-raising gift catalogue, with Brian Tucker

Gift catalogues can be a great way to meaningfully engage your donors in the work you do—and they can raise a lot of money. But how do you create one?  How do you optimize it? How do you develop the offers and the price points? How do you choose which gifts to feature more heavily […]

Episode 30: Can the Enneagram make you a better fundraiser? —with Marc Pitman

“All the interpersonal and the internal things that make an organization work well together, and make a team work, actually produce measurable revenue benefit. Good management and soft skills actually make a measurable impression on donors and in your bank account at the end of the day.” — Marc Pitman Building a successful nonprofit is […]