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#75: How to use storytelling to engage donors and retain staff, with Olga Moshinsky Woltman

Humans are wired for stories, yet storytelling can be challenging.  That’s why on this week’s BuildGood Live, we’re talking to master storyteller—and founder of LemonSkies—Olga Moshinsky Woltman about how to harness the power of stories. She’s worked with some of the most inspiring and transformative causes, including American Heart Association, the ALS Association, American Diabetes […]

#74: How I Built Good: The Adventure Project, with Becky Straw

In a new segment of the pod we’re calling How I Built Good, we interview nonprofit founders, entrepreneurs and leaders on how they’re building good in the world.  Starting with Becky Straw.  She never set out to become a founder.  But when she was let go from her job at fast-growing water charity, she bought […]

#73: 5 steps to get started with donor surveys, with Louis Diez

Have you ever surveyed your donors?  We talk a lot about listening to donors through conversations. Surveys can be a great tool to compliment donor conversations, because they’re interviews at scale. They’re a great way to:  But how do you get started designing a survey?  And what meaningful and practical steps can you take with […]

#72: Why community is the last great fundraising strategy, with Mark Schaefer

Helping your donors feel like they belong might be your ultimate fundraising achievement. Why?  Years of stress, amplified by the pandemic, has created a “belonging crisis.” Record levels of mental health issues are putting an entire generation at risk. Many of us are more connected than ever before—and at the same time, lonelier than ever […]

#71: How to know your audience to grow your audience, with Emily Taylor

How often have you heard that you should “listen to your donors” and nodded along in agreement?  But how often have you actually sat down to implement a system to continually listen to donors in a structured way and gain new insights?  Make no mistake: getting to know your donors is a strategy with high […]

#69: The 5 parts of the Fundraising Flywheel with Becky Longhurst

How do you achieve predictable fundraising success?  Well, nobody can predict how much money you’re going to raise. But if you follow the 5 steps of the fundraising flywheel consistently—over time— your revenue will grow.  And so will your career as a leader and fundraiser!  So today we’ll walk through each of the 5 parts of the fundraising flywheel […]

#68: Introducing the Fundraising Flywheel

Is it time we ditch the marketing funnel and replace it with a flywheel? Today we’re introducing the concept of the Fundraising Flywheel—a 5-step framework to help donors become an important part of the team and improve your fundraising.  The flywheel is simply our way of codifying the fundamentals of fundraising done well: A flywheel […]

#66: The best of legacy giving

On today’s podcast, we’re revising the best advice and proven practices on how to get more gifts in wills. For many of your donors, the gift they leave in their will might the largest gift they ever make to your charity. Not only that, but research has shown that donors who choose to leave a gift in […]

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