Episode 30: Can the Enneagram make you a better fundraiser? —with Marc Pitman

“All the interpersonal and the internal things that make an organization work well together, and make a team work, actually produce measurable revenue benefit. Good management and soft skills actually make a measurable impression on donors and in your bank account at the end of the day.” — Marc Pitman Building a successful nonprofit is […]

Episode 27 — 3 things every fundraiser should do more of in 2021

In the last podcast of the year, we take a look at 3 things nonprofit leaders should do more of in the New Year to grow the value of their donor file. They don’t require you to completely change the way you do things. In most cases, they simply require you to prioritize your time […]

5 mini-plans your nonprofit needs to thrive during the next 12 months

You didn’t see COVID coming. Nobody did. But now that the initial shock to the system is over — and you survived — it’s time to think about the next 12 months. Because you can come out of the pandemic positioned for growth. You can prepare for the next downturn or crisis lingering around the […]

How your donor feels when you do a poor job of thanking her

Picture this… You see a car in the ditch. It’s on fire. You spring into action. You pull the driver out, just in time. He’s bleeding badly. You take off your shirt and apply pressure to his wound while calling 911. You save his life. Later, at the hospital, he regains consciousness. He asks to […]

7 numbers every nonprofit marketer should know

How do you calculate the success of your fundraising efforts? The answer is more than just total revenue — although that’s what many nonprofits and fundraisers focus on.  To understand how your efforts impact results and understand how donors respond (or don’t), you have to know the numbers. Here are 7 key performance indicators you […]