#52: How to implement Profit First at your nonprofit, with Mike Michalowicz

Is your nonprofit profitable? Do you plan to run a surplus every year? When you cost out projects for funders or donors, do you include a profit margin? If that sounds like something you would like to do, but struggle to do, today’s episode is for you. Because we’re not talking about generating more revenue—we’re […]

#49: Where fundraising is going in 2022

On the eve of the new year 2022, there’s no mistaking that the world has changed—and that includes fundraising.  The role of charity and public society has certainly changed, but so have the expectations of donors.  Today, we invite a few smart fundraisers to share their prediction about what will matter most in fundraising in […]

#47: How to advance your donor’s hero story with Dr. Russell James

A picture of Dr. Russell James

Good fundraisers know that stories work better than statistics, that characters work better than calculations and that whoever tells the best story wins.  Still, we sometimes neglect the donor’s personal story…the story they are writing with their life. And if we start to understand that story, and those characters, it might lead to transformation gifts.  […]

#46: 4 steps to building your (personal) brand on LinkedIn with Anthony Jones

A picture of Anthony Jones talking about how to use LinkedIn for fundraising and nonprofits

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for staying up to date on career opportunities, yes. But it can also make you more valuable as a fundraiser and nonprofit leader by building your personal brand.  If you’re on LinkedIn but you’re not very active, you don’t know what to post, or you’re not sure it’s even worth […]

#45: How to create a money-raising gift catalogue, with Brian Tucker

Gift catalogues can be a great way to meaningfully engage your donors in the work you do—and they can raise a lot of money. But how do you create one?  How do you optimize it? How do you develop the offers and the price points? How do you choose which gifts to feature more heavily […]

#34: 5 behavioural economics principles you can’t afford to ignore, with Nate Andorsky

What compels donors to say yes? That’s the question most nonprofit fundraisers and marketers are trying to find answers for. Because understanding how people make decisions is a key part in making our fundraising more effective. We’ve talked about how behavioural economics can help your fundraising on this podcast before, but many of you said […]